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DL7APV ist mein Amateurfunk Rufzeichen und ich beschäftige mich seit 1983 mit Funkverbindungen auf 432MHz die den Mond als passiven Reflektor nutzen; kurz: EME (Erde-Mond-Erde)

DL7APV is my HAM radio call and my main interest since 1983 is 432MHz EME earth-moon-earth (EME) communication were we use the moon as passive reflector.




Moon calendar

Received beacons




Station & QTH



3m DX




History in Berlin

Around my QTH



FAQ doppler

Hints to start EME



Noise 432

Lost friends








The new EME array is under construction; hope to work you soon with this antenna!




VHF meeting Funkamateur




Longer missing EME-QSLs F/ON5OF, VE6ZT, PY1UNU, RA9DA….so PLEASE QSLL !





partial eclipse

Partielle MoFi

Am 8.8.17




In June we had 3 times more rain as usual and this continues in July


Vegetables in the new lake

As well as the fruit tress


The antennas are also part of a new lake




To work me on 432 MHz EME it needs not much….. Give it a try


My current system on 432 MHz, 16x39el. (9BV design) with open feed lines 6mm

For Skeds drop me a mail to

D  L  7  A  P  V  

a  t 

g  m   x  .  d   e






Or find me on N0UK logger or HB9Q 432 chat.



From time to time I am qrv on 144 EME with my 4x11el. xy











Since December 2016 we have 2 new housemates, Fred & Finja



Seit Dezember 2016 haben wir wieder 2 Katzen, Finja & Fred.

2 genießen den Sommer




They enjoying the summer



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